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Latest News from Innovative Engineered Solutions

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Choose the right machine for your job: An overview of hydraulic, electric, and hybrid technology

February 21, 2024

Discover the best tube forming machine type for your tube customization needs: hydraulic, electric or hybrid.


Expanding your options: A case study of process innovation

January 12, 2024

Hartzell Propeller’s expander was an “old dinosaur.” We built them an innovative machine that made their process quicker and more consistent. 


Watch: Evolving applications and why we like the tough jobs

December 12, 2023

The tube bending and forming industry is evolving. Here are the challenges these changes are bringing to tube bending and endforming equipment.  

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Watch: How innovative tube bending and forming machines are built

December 12, 2023

From tube endforming machines to all-electric and hydraulic servo-presses, whatever your application requires, the iES team can make a machine to fit your needs. Here’s how. 


Watch: Our outlook on design review 

December 12, 2023

A design review is often the last step before a project moves to the manufacturing floor. But when do we do one and how does it work? 


No pain, no gain: How BLM Group USA overcame a design challenge to build a strong partnership

November 16, 2023

When a tube bending tooling project hit a road bump, it took some quick thinking for BLM Group USA and our team to come out on top. 

Engineered solutions: The iES approach to custom projects

November 7, 2023

Here’s what to expect when you work with iES on a custom tube endforming tooling or machine project. 

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iES® releases "environmentally friendly" hybrid machine technology

October 25, 2023

New servo-hydraulic technology minimizes operating costs, noise, and carbon emissions without sacrificing speed or power.

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iES® adds new Sales Director

September 25, 2023

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. (iES) officially announced today the hiring of Dave Schaefer as its new Sales Director. 

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iES® adds new General Manager

December 20, 2021

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. officially announced today the hiring of Doug Pierson as its new General Manager.


Linco joins iES® as exclusive Sales Representatives in Mexico

September 28, 2021


Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. officially announced today that Linco Trading S de RL de CV (Linco) has joined forces to represent iES in Mexico on an exclusive basis.


iES® Installs New Automated Tube End Forming Cell

May12, 2021

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. (iES) recently installed a new automated tube end forming cell - see the latest video on our Automation page.


iES® Launches New Electric Upcut Tube Saw

November16, 2020

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. (iES) officially announced today the launch of its new line of electric upcut tube saws. This is the latest innovation from iES and compliments the company’s other green technology products including its all-electric sizers and servo presses.


iES® Releases New Vertical Tube End Perforating Machine

April 1, 2020

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. manufactures a high production, fully programmable, Vertical Tube Perforating Machine for various perforating applications. This high capacity machine features a robust modular design with several options to allow customers the ability to customize the machine to meet their production requirements.

RB80 RFTX MH3 Endformer.jpg

iES® Releases New Multi-hit Tube End Forming Machine

November 25, 2019

New digitally controlled 3-hit Ram Form machine added to product line.

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. officially announced the release of its newest tube end forming machine type, an RB80 RFXT MH3 machine, a digitally controlled three-hit wide vise ram form machine. This new machine is fully programmable and incorporates the FormPro™ II control system and allows the operator to select up to 3 progressive ram form hits in a single clamping.


iES® Offers Siemens Control System on Tube End Formers & Presses

October 23, 2019

Optional Siemens PLC technology now available on iES tube end forming machines and presses.

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. officially announced today the availability of a Siemens-based PLC control systems for its line of digitally controlled hydraulic and electric tube end forming machines and presses.

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July 16, 2018

R&B Machining rebrands to more accurately describe its business direction and vision. R&B Machining, Inc. formally announced its name change to Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. and will be rebranded as iES® in the marketplace.

All-Electric Tube End Forming Machine


March 26, 2018

iES has introduced a new line of all-electric tube end forming machines.  The eRB80 IO+IO is the first in the line of ECOForm™ all-electric, digitally controlled, servo tube end forming machines which eliminates the use of hydraulic oil and reduces operating costs.

RBM_RB100 SP_edited.jpg


September 1, 2017

Servo powered presses compliment company's tube end forming machine products

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