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Vertical Perforating Machine


iES manufactures a fully programmable high production, high capacity Vertical Perforating Machine for various tube perforating applications. The machine features a robust modular design with several available options allowing our customers the ability to customize the machine to meet their requirements.  The machine’s vertical positioning and horizontal punching axes are powered by Rexroth hydraulics with an electric rotational axis and pneumatic chuck for precision control.  The machine is engineered to incorporate specific customer HSE specifications.

The RB150 VPM is a digitally controlled (Allen Bradley or Siemens), tube perforating machine with a vertical loading orientation designed for high speed and long punch life due to the heavy duty design.  The safe but open design structure allows for easy loading/unloading and maintenance functions.


Vertical Tube Perforating Machine_1
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Vertical Tube Perforating Machine_2
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