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Perforating Machine




RB150 Vertical Tube Perforating Machine


The RB150 VPM is a digitally controlled and fully programmable vertical hydraulic tube perforating machine in which the tube is loaded into a pneumatic chuck which is rotated by an electric rotary axis to produce the selected perforated pattern.  The tube is loaded into the chuck and the punching process is oriented from the OD to the ID.


- Tube diameter up to 150 mm (5.9")

 - Maximum wall thickness is 1.8 mm (0.071")

- Minimum wall thickness is 1.0 mm (.040”)

- Maximum tube length is 760 mm (29.9”)

- Minimum tube length is 100 mm (3.9”)


Reference Footprint:

- 73” x 82” L x 108” H



- Tubular steel construction for increase rigidity.

- 40” of vertical travel with a shaft brake on the cylinder for increased safety.

- Force Control on the vertical positioning axis for increased cylinder process control,

- Hinged interlocked guarding and light curtain for standard guarding.

- Fully programmable digital control with on-board diagnostics for I/O and cycle errors, production throughput information, and maintenance reminders.



-  Allen Bradley or Siemens digital control

- Air or water cooled heat exchanger

- Automatic tooling lubrication

- Spray coolant

- Enhanced digital control features

- Multiple tooling configurations

- Custom HSE safety features per customer specifications

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