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News Release

March 26, 2018

New All-Electric Tube End Forming Line of Machines

iES has introduced a new line of all-electric tube end forming machines.  The eRB80 IO+IO is the first in the line of ECOForm™ all-electric, digitally controlled, servo tube end forming machines which eliminates the use of hydraulic oil and reduces operating costs.  The eRB80 IO+IO handles tube diameters up to 80mm (3.1”) with standard tooling and up to 100mm (3.9”) with heavy duty tooling with maximum wall thickness of 2mm (0.079”).  These machines offer velocity and force control for precision forming, while maintaining the same speed and force capabilities of traditional hydraulic machines.

iES’s tube end forming machines are used for a variety of applications, including precision sizing, diameter expansions or reductions, ram forming, flaring, notching and shearing.  Base machine models are available in 80mm, 150mm and 250mm tube diameter capacities with several options available, allowing customers to customize machines to meet specific requirements.  Machines are available in single or multi-head configurations.

In business since 1985, iES is rapidly regarded as North America’s fastest growing supplier of tooling for tube forming and bending applications as well as the industry leader in tube end forming machines and servo presses with niche automation capabilities. With over 200 years of combined tube industry sales, engineering, and management experience, iES offers robust technical and commercially competitive engineered solutions to its customers.  iES provides products and services at competitive prices and delivered on-time in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

For more information contact, Innovative Engineered Solutions, 2695 Progress Way, Wilmington, OH 45177. Phone: 937-382-6710.  Email:

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