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Upcut Saw for Tube


RB80 eTS Machine


The RB80 eTS machine is an electric-pneumatic upcut saw for tubes up to 80 mm in diameter. The saw features an electric actuator for precision control of the blade while utilizing a pneumatic clamping system for the top vise. The advantage of digital control is its ability to adjust both the blade’s feed rate and RPM. The saw is designed to allow for quick change fixtures of both the base as well as the top vise clamp block. Depending on the tube configuration it may be possible to cut / trim up to three tubes per cycle. The machine does not use any hydraulic components or hydraulic oil.


- Tube diameter up to 80 mm (3.15") x 2.0 mm wall thickness

- Saw blade: 450 mm D x 3 mm W x 50 mm arbor hole (included)

Approx. Footprint:

- 56” W x 50” D x 85” H



- All-electric blade actuator & pneumatic cylinder clamping vise.

- Cast iron construction for increased rigidity.

-  Allen Bradley PLC with PanelView 700 HMI (Siemens control option available)

- Variable RPM and blade feed rate capability.

- Quick change fixture base and top vise clamp.

- Unist blade cooling / lubrication system

- Stack light for visual confirmation of machine status.

- Fully programmable digital control with on-board diagnostics and Ethernet         compatibility

- Steel mesh safety enclosure and light curtain.

- Operator interface including intuitive, quick, easy set up.

RB80 eTS

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