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News Release

November 25, 2019

iES® Releases New Multi-hit Tube End Forming Machine

RB80 RFTX MH3 Endformer.jpg

New digitally controlled 3-hit Ram Form machine added to product line. Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. officially announced the release of its newest tube end forming machine type, an RB80 RFXT MH3 machine, a digitally controlled three-hit wide vise ram form machine.  This new machine is fully programmable and incorporates the FormPro™ II control system and allows the operator to select up to 3 progressive ram form hits in a single clamping. The machine design offers the advantages of a single clamping system, reduced capital expense by incorporating multiple machines into one, as well as reduced change-over time and increased throughput. The machine is available with capacity for tubes up to 80 mm in diameter and wall thicknesses up to 2.0 mm.

Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. has been in business at its current Wilmington, Ohio location since 2010.  iES is widely regarded as North America’s leading supplier of tooling for tube forming and bending applications as well as tube end forming machines, presses and automation. With over 225 years of combined sales, engineering, and management tube industry experience, iES offers robust technical and commercially competitive solutions to its customers.

iES’s mission is to be a value-add supplier of quality tooling and capital equipment to target markets in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers.  iES provides products and services at competitive prices and delivered on-time in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.  We appreciate and communicate openly with our employees to create a rewarding workplace environment.

Please contact iES at to discuss tube bending and end forming application requirements. Phone: 937-382-6710.  Email:

RB80 RFTX MH3 Endformer_close-up1.jpg
RB80 RFTX MH3 Endformer_close-up2.jpg
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