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Tube Endforming Machines


iES manufactures a complete line of tube endforming machines for various applications including expansion/reduction sizing, ram forming, flaring, notching, and shearing.  The machines feature a robust modular design with several available options allowing our customers the ability to customize the machine to meet their requirements.  The base machine models are available in 80mm, 150mm, and 250mm tube diameter capacities.  Machine are available in single or multi-head configurations. Multi-hit wide vise ram form machines are also available in a horizontal ram nose slide configuration in 2 or 3 hit model designs.

New ECOForm All-Electric Endformers

The eRB80 IO+IO is the first in a family of ECOForm™ all-electric, digitally controlled, servo tube endforming machines which completely eliminates the use of hydraulic oil and reduces operating costs.  The machines maintain the same speed and force capabilities of traditional hydraulic machines while offering velocity and force control for precision forming.

Sizing or IO Machines

The RB80 IO/RB150 IO/RB250 IO "sizing" machines are designed for standard or heavy duty segmented tooling to precisely control the diameter or formed shape on the end of a tube. A special MIO sizing machine is also available to form Marmon and Bi-cone type forms using expanding segmented tooling.

Ram Forming Machines

The RB80 RF/RB150 RFXT/RB150 RF "ram form" machines are designed with powerful vise jaws to secure a tube during the ram form operation.  These machines are used for demanding tube expansions, reductions, beads, flares, and doming operations. The RB80 RFXT machine performs the same operations as the standard RB80 RF machine, but it is designed with a wider vise forming area as required by some tube configurations.  Multi-hit wide vise ram form machines are also available in a horizontal ram nose slide configuration in 2 or 3 hit model designs.

Tube Trimming Machines

The RB80 TC/RB150 TC "tube parting" machines are designed to safely and quickly part a tube utilizing a shearing blade.  These machines are used for various cutting operations including end trimming, radius, and angle cuts.  These machines have an available option to reduce the wall thickness at the point of parting in order to reduce tube deformation within the parting plane.

Tube Notching Machines

The RB80 ATN tube notching machine is designed to accurately and repeatedly notch the end of a tube. Tube notching machines are available in either pneumatic or hydraulic models.

Expand/Reduce Machines

The RB80 ER/RB150 ER machines are designed for standard segmented tooling to expand or reduce the diameter of a tube.


Manifold Tube Lock Machines

The RB80 MTL4-V Manifold Tube Lock Machine is designed to expand tubular manifold components into a flange prior to welding to improve accuracy of the welding process.

Rebuilt Machines

iES offers complete rebuilding machine services in which machines are rebuilt to "like new specifications" and provided with a six month limited warranty.

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