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CNC Operators / Machinists

(Mills and Lathes)

Job Description


JOB TITLE                                                                             SUPERVISOR

CNC Operators / Machinists (Mills and Lathes)               Production Supervisor




Several openings exist on first, second, and third shifts for CNC Operators / Machinists (Mills and Lathes). These positions are responsible to efficiently produce accurately machined components by editing / programming, setting up, and operating a computer numerically controlled machine; maintaining quality and safety standards; keeping records; and maintaining equipment and supplies.


Responsibilities include:

  • Plans machining by studying work orders, blueprints, engineering plans, materials, and specifications

  • Programs mills and lathes by entering instructions, including zero and reference points; setting tool registers, offsets, compensation, calculating requirements, including basic math; providing part programs

  • Sets up mills and lathes by installing and adjusting three and four jaw chucks, tools, attachments, collets, stops, indicating vices, and tramming heads

  • Verifies setting by measuring positions, first-run part, and sample work pieces

  • Maintains specifications by observing drilling, grooving, cutting, turning, facing, knurling and thread chasing operations; taking measurements; detecting malfunctions; troubleshooting processes; adjusting and reprogramming controls; replacing worn tools; adhering to quality assurance procedures and processes

  • Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations

  • Documents actions by completing production and quality logs

  • Additional duties as assigned by manager



  • High focus on quality and customer satisfaction

  • Detail oriented

  • Strong analytical problem solving skills

  • Proficient in the use of a calculator, micrometer, and veneer calipers



  • Candidates must have a minimum of three years experience operating CNC equipment

  • Candidates must have experience with Fanuc controls

  • Must be able to edit and prove out new programs

  • Must be able to do own set ups



  • Manufacturing shop floor, standing, walking, and lifting 50 lbs. 


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